The Peculiar Winery

The day I drove out to the Peculiar Winery was not really a day for drinking wine. It was raining - hard - and it was chilly and it was the kind of day that you’d rather spend curled up on the couch under a blanket watching old movies. But after a half hour drive through a downpour, a glass of red wine started to sound like exactly what I needed when I pulled into the parking lot of the large white farmhouse outside Peculiar, Missouri.


I recently moved to Kansas City and am still doing the dance of trying to put myself out there to meet new people and try new things when I would rather be under the aforementioned blanket on the aforementioned couch watching the aforementioned old movies. On this note, I’d recently become involved with an organization in the city, and this trip to the winery was also a board meeting that had been planned a month ago. We started out with the usual business, but after a couple glasses of wine, the business had been forgotten and we were just chatting.

As I sipped my glass of the St. Vincent - a dry red - and listened to the rain ping lightly on the roof of the winery, I shouldn’t have doubted that any weather is good weather for drinking wine - and for getting to know people.

And wouldn’t you know. By the time we left, the sun was shining.